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Blog Rotar 13年前 (2011-02-08) 2147次浏览 0个评论

I recently came across an interesting website called CollegeHumor with loads of funny videos and therefore wants to share it with everyone. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Tada! “The Boy With an Arse For a Face”:

This sarcastic one’s about how UPS works, it managed to recall my memory of a similar experience recently.

这个是某位仁兄翻唱的“I Wanna Be an Engineer”(原版是Millionaire),从填词和表演来说水平很高,就是唱功稍有不济。嘛,已经很厉害了。
Here’s “I Wanna Be an Engineer” (Millionaire parody) by Only Won.

Here’s a video about English in 24 accent, the guy’s really talented and as far as I’m concerned, the Indian, American and Chinese one do sound “authentic”.

A FaceTime commercial parody:

第一眼看到俺就忍不住笑了,因为那对“夫妇”手中拿的应该是摄像头后置的iPhone 3GS,完全不可能有正常3G视频通话的效果,广告的讽刺意味显露无遗。
I burst into laughter at the first sight because of the iPhone 3GS they’re holding in their hands. How sarcastic for then to pretend to be using the FaceTime while the iPhone they have doesn’t have the required hardware.

附上原版做比较:Here’s the original one:


[youtube=yatSAEqNL7k 640 360]

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