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Day 2 in New York

Just like every sleep I spent in new places, I woke up early this morning. After a little chat with my love, I started the journey for my 2nd day in the NYC. Most likely because it was early in the morning, there weren’t many people around so I was able to have my breakfast
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Day 1 in New York

Follwing my mom’s suggestion, I decided to spend the end of 2013 and the begining of 2014 in the beautiful New York city. The only thing I initially decided to do was to join the 2014 New Year countdown so I booked the flight and a hotel online (single bed in 4 bed shared room,
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I’m Back!

Long time no see. It’s been almost a year and I hope that I have not disappointed anyone who’s interested in my blog. Hopefully I’ll start blogging regularly from now on. Currently: Busy doing assignments and projects. Will try to learn more about WebGL and implement something like MabinogiWebVer(Prototype). 😉

Merry Christmas!

This is the third Christmas for this blog to witness. Wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday~ And heres an e-card: P.S. Credit for the image goes to Pridofscke from deviantART.

电话销户了 | Phone number got canceled

According to an interesting policy in China Mobile, if your phone account is in debt for 90 days, it will be cancelled, which means, it will be recycled and made available in the market sometime later. Due to my very inactive willingness of using my phone, my number qualified this policy and is now gone.
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推荐个视频网站| Video Sharing Site Recommendation

最近偶然找到了一个视频分享网站(,感觉相当有趣。原本是想找“屁股脸男孩”的视频的,转悠转悠就到了这儿,发现许多有趣视频,特此分享几个。 I recently came across an interesting website called CollegeHumor with loads of funny videos and therefore wants to share it with everyone. Here are some of my favourite ones. 首先就是这个了: Tada! “The Boy With an Arse For a Face”:

这学期要忙起来了| Getting busy this semester

于是学期开始一周后就要交两份报告,同时另外两门的作业也布置下来了,加上硕士申请以及Project的研究……基本是杯具了。 接下来这段时间可能会延续这一个月来的风格,博文更新什么的速度会很慢。 顺带感慨一下,英国这边的某些家伙素质还真不高。一到晚上就泡进酒吧,出来的时候就已经是傻冒了,经过楼下喜欢大声放歌,随地小便以及踹垃圾桶。在这群人的帮助下,俺们楼下4个垃圾桶的位置几乎是每日变换一个花样,令人叹为观止。 —————————–Lang Sep———————————— The busy semester has started and we are having two reports to hand in in the second week with another two assignment to do in the following weeks. I would also need to work on my project as well as my postgraduate application. Because of all the aforementioned tasks, this
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新年快乐| Happy New Year! | Akemashite Omededou!

好吧,2011来了,2012不远了……于是要珍惜时光,赶紧发奋! 标题最后的Romaji仅限测试用…真正开始添加霓虹语要等到猴年马月之时…目前连写个英文版都有点没动力了 至此,回归正题: Happy New Year! ——————-Lang Sep——————— 2011 has come and 2012 isn’t so far away now. Therefore I should cherish the rest of my life (—  —) and work hard on what I am doing! The Romaji in the title is just a joke. The time for Japanese to be applied to my post is
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动漫歌曲推荐| Recommended anime songs

一直以来都有看动漫的习惯,并且坚持挑画风好的看,赏析过程中发现有一些的OP和ED不错,于是在这儿列出,算是分享。(其实是首篇附上音乐的测试用博文,嗯) 需要下载链接请点击相应标题,注意文件可能很大,非无限流量请慎用。 目录| Index: Irony – Claris ツキアカリのミチシルベ – ステレオポニー ツキアカリ – Rie fu 君の知らない物語 – Supercell 总结| Summary