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罗塔回归~ | Rotar’s Back

之前因为种种原因没能顾及博客以至于空间被干掉了才发觉……幸好先前有备份所以损失不是很大。于是这次重新归来打算好好养成使用的习惯。那么,预祝六一儿童节快乐神马的…… —————————–Lang Sep————————————- Due to various reasons the blog was deleted a while ago and now I’m bringing it back to life. Fortunately I had a backup of all the posts and pages so the loss isn’t terrible. Anyways, I will try to utilize this blog from now on and share feelings and stuff with
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渐渐被收录| Site gradually being crawled by searching engines

近些日子忙着考试,便没来更新博文。顺便也就闲置一会儿看看会不会有什么访客,毕竟也积累了数十篇文章了。 Truth hurts. 此话不假,间隔几日来看,偶尔有一句留言也是自动被Akismet过滤的。本着“机器判断不一定可信”的观点,数次检查发现这些Spam还都货真价实,不得不感慨垃圾广告的覆盖能力,连这么一个基本没有宣传的私人小站都被殃及。 除此之外,让人舒服的事情也还是有的,那就是收录量渐渐增加了。起初到处提交URL期望被收录,结果除了股沟反应积极以外其余基本将俺无视。心想顺其自然便也没去理会。随着时光流逝,建站也近一月了。再查了查,发觉摆渡和搜搜都开始有了响应,不禁心下感到欣慰。 希望好的现象能够继续下去吧…作为第一个颇费心血弄出的博客,俺对此站还是很有些期望的~ ————————-Lang Sep—————————- I’ve been focusing on a number of exams recently and therefore have little time to look after this site. However, it is also a chance for me to see what’s going to happen if I just leave this site like this. Will there be any new visitors?
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测试移动发布| Testing mobile blogging

测试移动发布,最终采用iPod Touch上的客户端,效果还可以,只是编辑器有些简陋了。 ———————-Lang Sep———————— Second attempt to post via mobile devices. This time I’m using the official client on iPod Touch which is rather good but poor with its editor.

尝试用Live Writer写博|Trying to post using Live Writer

这玩意儿满奇妙的,能够即时预览发布以后的效果。只是可视化的编辑器颇有点奇怪,貌似是读取了我的主题,标题能够看清楚,但是文字部分却没有正确的背景。真是奇也怪哉,嘛,好歹能用也不错了,省得次次登录博客去更新。 ———————-语言分割/ Language Separation—————— This application is really interesting, it enables me to preview my post using the theme I uses. The title part is good-looking but the contents have no background colour. However, it is much more convenient for me to post using live writer rather than logging in to my site each time.