PMangar再启动计划 | Revival of PMangar



————————–Lang Sep—————————–

PMangar was an simple php application that fetches comics from and display it to the user. In other words, its just an online comic viewer. The work are considered done in last year as the result of using it on both Kindle and my Nokia phone seems to be satisfactory. However, when I checked the application few days ago, nothing seems to be working and therefore I’m here to repair and upgrade it. The currently working version is available at

This post intend to share what I’ve learnt about php during the process and hope it may help.

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罗塔回归~ | Rotar’s Back


—————————–Lang Sep————————————-

Due to various reasons the blog was deleted a while ago and now I’m bringing it back to life. Fortunately I had a backup of all the posts and pages so the loss isn’t terrible. Anyways, I will try to utilize this blog from now on and share feelings and stuff with visitors (if there exist any). Hope you enjoy it. =]