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How to Find Music Using the Melody

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So I came across this piano solo which I found familiar in an animation and wanted to know the name of it very badly. Although it is a BGM, meaning that there are other sound or voices going on at the same time, the melody is easily recognizable.
So I started looking for its name and here’s the tools I came across:

1. Midomi (SoundHound)
This is a famous tool for finding music by singing or humming. It records at least 10s of sound using the microphone and then searches in its database of user uploaded hummings. For most song it works. However, since it is a piano solo this time, there were no results.

2. Shazam Encore
This tool is famous for finding out music with part of it. It requires recording the original song and therefore failed because there were other voices and sound effects in the animation as the music plays.

3. Musipedia Music Search by Flash-based Piano
Failed with my usual tools, I googled ‘how to find a piano music’ and found this to be the first result. I was not disappointed. In fact, I was even impressed because the website allows me to find the music by playing the melody! I was not sure about the notes so I tried several times. Finally I was able to recreate part of the melody using the simulated piano and proceeded to search. It took a little while (about 1 min) but there were results with Youtube videos of the music being played! I clicked the first one and Voilà! There it is! It’s Claude Debussy’s ‘La fille aux cheveux de lin‘!

That sums up my music seeking journey and I wish that everyone can find the name of the music they like~

P.S. For more related tools, check out this wikiHow page.

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