Userscript for Fetching Album Images | 堆糖的抓图脚本

Posted by Rotar on April 8, 2016


Userscripts are user written JavaScripts executed in the browser. You may run the code in the console. But there are browser extensions to make life easier.

The most famous ones are GreaseMonkey for Firefox and TamperMonkey for Chrome although the latter also supports other Chromium/WebKit based browsers.

Such extensions open up a whole new world. And in this case, it is about fetching the album images on, a chinese website very similar to


Instructions can be found here:

Have fun and Enjoy!

P.S. This is my first public GitHub repository. Hopefully more is on the way~
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P.S. 这是本人第一个GitHub的repository,希望未来能增加更多~

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