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渐渐被收录| Site gradually being crawled by searching engines

Blog Rotar 12年前 (2010-12-15) 1573次浏览 0个评论


Truth hurts. 此话不假,间隔几日来看,偶尔有一句留言也是自动被Akismet过滤的。本着“机器判断不一定可信”的观点,数次检查发现这些Spam还都货真价实,不得不感慨垃圾广告的覆盖能力,连这么一个基本没有宣传的私人小站都被殃及。



————————-Lang Sep—————————-

I’ve been focusing on a number of exams recently and therefore have little time to look after this site. However, it is also a chance for me to see what’s going to happen if I just leave this site like this. Will there be any new visitors? New comment? Or even someone who want to exchange link with me?

Well. What best describes the fact is “Truth hurts.” I had only 3 new comments in these days and unfortunately all of them are classified as SPAM by Akismet. I double checked all of them and found only one being misunderstood. Yet it said nothing meaningful but have no ads in it. It is really amazing to see that even a tiny isolated site like this can have visitors delivering spam messages.

While the comment is not so satisfying, some thing else didn’t let me down. According to some SEO tools online, my site is being crawled by several searching engines and an increasing number of webpages in my site are being available in the result when people search for relevant information.

Hope that a bright future is lying ahead~

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