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Tried phpWind and seems to be working all right

Internet Rotar 13年前 (2010-11-15) 2370次浏览 0个评论

phpWind is another popular forum system and some how every part of it is working fine. Hopefully there isn’t any problem hiding somewhere.

The ajax problem of DiscuZ!X is not solved yet. However, it can just work if you do want to use it and dosn’t care about all the error messages that appear on the screen.

I also tried to install the 7.2 version of DiscuZ! and it showed me only blank pages.

I guess I’ve wasted enough time on all these stuff and now it’s time to focus more on study. IELTS test is ahead and I bearly prepared for it.

Therefore, I’m going to do some practice of IELTS writing and maybe post it on here to find some one to mark it (?)

Anyway, this post ends here and I shall go back home to continue my study.

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