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当作闹铃的音乐平时听起来会变慢?|Music used as alarm tone sounds slower than what it sounds when awaken?

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  • Dynamite – Taio Cruz
  • Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
  • Replay – lyaz


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The title might seem obscure because I’m not really sure how to express this in a short sentence. However, the truth is: the music that I used as alarm tone sounds like they are slowed down when I listen to it in occasions other than waking up. Here’s the list of music I used:

  • Dynamite – Taio Cruz
  • Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
  • Replay – lyaz

I listen to these songs in my spare time and somehow found them to be unnaturally ‘slower’ than it ‘should be’. This is compared with my impression of the song when I’m awaking because that is the time for me to hear it the most. At first I considered this to be caused by the alarm software that I use in my mobile phone. However, the fact did not change as I have changed my phone from Windows Mobile to Symbian and used a totally different alarm application. To sum up, I guess this is due to some physiological fact of human body. Is it because the brain tend to be sluggish when waking up? Who knows, I’m not aiming to study biology to that extent so just let the professionals explain this some day in the future.

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