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雅思啊| IELTS…

Life Rotar 14年前 (2010-11-21) 1941次浏览 0个评论

眼看着雅思在即,预先的练习变得必不可少,于是总算是开始动笔了。早上写了一篇Part 2,回顾一下感觉到了问题,词语依然贫乏,同一个物体找不到多种表达方式。而且结构上也有些问题,之前在UCLan接受的教育已经使得自身对于”The objective of this essay is to…”产生了依赖而导致结构僵硬。练习仍要增加,并且需要有意识地模仿一些高分范文了。

——————Lang Sep———————-

The IELTS exam is coming closer and I finally started practicing. The first practice is a Part 2 writing. As I reviewed it after finishing, I found the lack of expression because same words are used repeatedly to describe the same thing. There’s also some problem with the structure since I’ve been accustomed to use the sentence “The objective of this essay is to…” as I was taught in the past two years in UCLan. It seems that more practice need to be done and I shall focus on high rank model articles and learn from them to improve my own skills.

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