The topic of the essay is decided!

Something about the UK and also about Electronics…
It took me several weeks to come up with an appropriate topic – ARM Holdings.
This should be the ideal topic and I’m a little interested in the CPUs they made, so probably an outstanding essay would come sooner or later/

Trying to port Fate Stay Night to my HKC G908e (VGA)~

The original engine of the game is kirikiri2.
The result script is going to be using the engine Nscripter.
In kirikiri2, you can add subprogram as you like. On the contrary, Nscripter only allows to use the build-in instructions

I made a mistake. Actually you CAN add subroutine into Nscript and with the help of “defsub” instruction, it can be used as a subprogram.

I managed to wrote a simple script displaying a picture of my classmate and some selections.