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Live Writer确实不错,只是对于第三方插件仍有不兼容| Live Writer‘s good but having issue with plugins

Blog Rotar 13年前 (2010-11-18) 1598次浏览 0个评论

上一篇文章的代码在Live Writer中无论如何编辑都会变作一行,一开始是因为忘了把代码的[ html]…[ /html]部分放入<p>…</p>之中,而后添加了<p></p>也没有反应,只好进Chrome登录WP发现添加的<p></p>都消失了,没办法,只好使用自带的编辑器加上之后发布,效果很好。

顺带一提,之前用的是wp-code插件,目前换为强大的syntax highlighter,确实不错,期待日后继续使用。

—————————-Lang Sep—————————–

The last post was first edited and published using Live Writer and there was a problem showing the code in multiple rows. At first I thought is was caused by the absence of <p></p> outside the [ html][ /html] part. However, even after I added the <p></p> did it not show what I wanted. (<—Any grammar mistake in this sentence?)So I logged in from the website and edited again with the built-in editor. Everything worked and I realized who is to blame.

BTW, I’ve been using a plugin called “wp-code” to show program code in post previously. Now I have changed it to “syntax highlighter” which is really powerful.

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