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funpic.de是如何靠免费主机赚钱的| How funpic.de earn money by free hosting

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目前这个WordPress就是架设在funpic.de的免费空间上的,总的来说这个和网站挺厚道,5G容量,无限流量,无限FTP帐号,无限MySQL数据库,无限绑定域名(上述无限乃是本人据实情猜测。) 就是界面是德文这点不太舒服,不过也可以用股沟翻译轻松解决。这两天一直在折腾,目前总算是把这个网站弄得初具雏形了,期间也遇到了一些问题,例如之前的ajax错误,一直没找到原因,结果今天发现应该是和网站的赚钱途径有关系。每一个被打开的页面都被嵌入了一段代码:

This website is currently hosted in a free host in funpic.de. To be frank, this is a good host because it offers 5GB space and unlimited bandwidth, FTP account, MySQL database and domain name(Expected through test.) The site is in German but that dosn’t really matter after using Google translate. However, I have spent several days on this website and finally it seems to be on its way. I struggled during the process and found several problems, the cause is probably the hidden advertise that funpic adds to every page. The code is as follows:

而这个应该就是隐藏起来的广告了,貌似是打开页面后会自动加载并访问那个链接,这个iframe在网页中出现的时候会使得某些函数读取失败,发生例如“junk after XXX”的错误。就因为这个,这个WP站的feed无法加入feedburner,论坛的ajax也会出现“内部错误”。不过想想毕竟是免费主机,也不容易,便随他去吧。好歹feed能够被直接有效地添加,而Discuz!论坛嘛,不用也罢,大不了phpWind呗。

This brings failure to some of the functions in php and because of this, I failed to add my feed to feedburner and also setup an Discuz! forum unsuccessfully. However, it is a free host and how can I expect more? It’s just enough for me to use like this.

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