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电话销户了 | Phone number got canceled

Blog Rotar 12年前 (2012-12-17) 4256次浏览

According to an interesting policy in China Mobile, if your phone account is in debt for 90 days, it will be cancelled, which means, it will be recycled and made available in the market sometime later. Due to my very inactive willingness of using my phone, my number qualified this policy and is now gone. Somehow I’m feeling a little sad about it because I spent much time using it. But as it is indeed not playing any role in my life, maybe it’s better to not waste this resource. Anyway, I would really like to see one day that phone numbers like this can be turned into pay-as-you-go accounts and be activated whenever needed, just like the phone numbers in the UK. Although it is not likely to happen in countries like China where resources are not so abundant when compared to its population.

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