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尝试用Live Writer写博|Trying to post using Live Writer

这玩意儿满奇妙的,能够即时预览发布以后的效果。只是可视化的编辑器颇有点奇怪,貌似是读取了我的主题,标题能够看清楚,但是文字部分却没有正确的背景。真是奇也怪哉,嘛,好歹能用也不错了,省得次次登录博客去更新。 ———————-语言分割/ Language Separation—————— This application is really interesting, it enables me to preview my post using the theme I uses. The title part is good-looking but the contents have no background colour. However, it is much more convenient for me to post using live writer rather than logging in to my site each time.