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小雪一场| Snowed

早上醒来,窗外飘起了绒毛般的小雪,可惜好景不长,仅持续了莫约2小时。 —————–Lang Sep——————- It snowed this morning, the feather like snow was beautiful. However, it lasted only for 2 hours.

Mac OS X真有趣| Mac OS X is interesting

图书馆一楼有一Media Suite,内有Mac无数,遂挑了一台把玩起来,惊觉果然很美观。 期间遇到一个软件,名曰“GarageBand”,相当有趣,内有免费的吉它和钢琴的课程,还能把吉它或者电子键盘琴连接到电脑上辅助练习,当真是不错。简直都让人有了入手Mac的冲动。 话说音乐方面有个一技之长还是很有用的,看来要考虑考虑近两年学一学吉他什么的了。 —————–Lang Sep—————– I happened to have tried a Mac tonight and found it really interesting. There’s an application on it called “GarageBand” which has free guitar and piano lessons, you can even connect your instruments to Mac for more help. How amazing! I guess I’m beginning to discover the reason why
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冬天来了| Winter's come

冬天的象征总算是要来临了,周五下雪。 ——————Lang Sep——————– The symbol of winter is coming. Friday will be snowy.

学校图书馆真吵| University library is really noisy

转眼十数年过去,小学,初中,和高中都已经成为历史,而大学生涯也仅剩最后一年。怀着满腹希望的俺来到英国接受第三年的学习和生活。临行之前便听了讲座,意识到了出国学习可能面临的“文化冲击”。 于是到来之后保持着谨慎的态度接受着“异国风情”的熏陶。所幸近几个月内并未感到什么冲击,但是值得一提的就是国外大学的图书馆。回顾以往,自小受到的教育就告诉我们:图书馆是一个安静的地方。无论是老师们的嘱咐,图书馆管理员的神情,还是墙上挂着的大大的“静”字都无时无刻的提醒着我们。作为结果,俺自以为养成了在图书馆能够保持安静的好习惯。

雅思啊| IELTS…

眼看着雅思在即,预先的练习变得必不可少,于是总算是开始动笔了。早上写了一篇Part 2,回顾一下感觉到了问题,词语依然贫乏,同一个物体找不到多种表达方式。而且结构上也有些问题,之前在UCLan接受的教育已经使得自身对于”The objective of this essay is to…”产生了依赖而导致结构僵硬。练习仍要增加,并且需要有意识地模仿一些高分范文了。 ——————Lang Sep———————- The IELTS exam is coming closer and I finally started practicing. The first practice is a Part 2 writing. As I reviewed it after finishing, I found the lack of expression because same words are used repeatedly to describe the same thing. There’s also some
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当作闹铃的音乐平时听起来会变慢?|Music used as alarm tone sounds slower than what it sounds when awaken?

However, the truth is: the music that I used as alarm tone sounds like they are slowed down when I listen to it in occasions other than waking up.

Things to learn

I’m really interested in computer software so there are many things to learn. Here’s the list: C++ HTML PHP

Many things to work on…

As I’ve only started using WordPress for few days, it seems that there are many things to work on. I’ve came across many blogs to learn about posting and arranging the layout and found that most of them are displaying excerpts rather than the original article on their homepage. This is surely a good idea
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Holy ××××

So its my birthday tommorrow. Happy birthday to myself!That’s all.

Cra…Happy New Year~~!

This is the first post in 2010.Hope that everybody’s having a happy new year.Best Wishes!