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Hooray! Finally nothing wrong this time!

Finally done with the setup of this wordpress blog! The problem I found previous was about the ajax. The solution was simple: just add define( ‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); to the wp-config.php.

Another long time no see.

It really been a while since my last visit to my blog. I didn’t really enjoy blogging because all my effort seems to have little value. I don’t have anyone else visiting here because I simply told no one. I guess it’s time to make some changes. It is a good way to practice writing
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移动发表,Mobile Posting~

实在是有点怀疑如果用Mobile Bloger算不算是Mobile Posting,毕竟一个月限制了30次,若真是这样的话,昨天就干掉了起码20%了……杯具……


首先,它是免费的,当然,大多数博客都是免费的。其次,功能全面!主题很丰富,还可以自定义表情!还有,界面简介明了却又完整!最重要的一点,支持手机客户端并且拥有必要的编辑功能,方便顺手!总结,很好很强大! Posted via mobilebloger 13/11/2010 16:39 GMT This post can also be applied to this blog since wordpress is really good. XD


感觉不错!这样更新真舒服!以后就常用了,欢迎任何误入的路人~ Posted via mobilebloger


好神奇呢,一下就搞定了?选择登录居然出现奇怪的错误,直接点击发表居然就行了?我再去验证一下吧~ 这是什么? Posted via mobilebloger


于是,为了这个软件,我注册了Livejournal……杯具呀,希望不错吧真的很不错! 以后就继续沿用了~

Best way to close the image filter of 股沟cn……

Here is it: First of all, go to and press “图像” Second, search the thing you want. Third, observe the URL and 1.Subtitute “.cn” with “.com” 2.Add “&safe=off” at the very end of the URL. Finally, press enter to see what happens. XD