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测试移动发布| Testing mobile blogging

测试移动发布,最终采用iPod Touch上的客户端,效果还可以,只是编辑器有些简陋了。 ———————-Lang Sep———————— Second attempt to post via mobile devices. This time I’m using the official client on iPod Touch which is rather good but poor with its editor.

Live Writer确实不错,只是对于第三方插件仍有不兼容| Live Writer‘s good but having issue with plugins

上一篇文章的代码在Live Writer中无论如何编辑都会变作一行,一开始是因为忘了把代码的

部分放入<p>…</p>之中,而后添加了<p></p>也没有反应,只好进Chrome登录WP发现添加的<p></p>都消失了,没办法,只好使用自带的编辑器加上之后发布,效果很好。 顺带一提,之前用的是wp-code插件,目前换为强大的syntax highlighter,确实不错,期待日后继续使用。 —————————-Lang Sep—————————– The last post was first edited and published using Live Writer and there was a problem showing the code in multiple rows. At first I thought is was caused by the absence of <p></p> outside the

part. However, even after I added the <p></p> did it not show
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修改代码添加文章SNS分享链接| Code for adding bookmark links to popular SNS for each post

之前说到可以用WP Greeting Box来识别来客来源网站,这次则是截然相反的代码。作用便是鼓励读者将文章推荐到各大社交网站进行分享。起初我是用的”Simple Social Network Bookmark”这个插件的,结果在目前的主题上出现了错误,使得侧边栏被移动到了最下方。于是无奈只好自己动手修改代码。已有的这个插件颇有些借鉴价值,于是俺就将其中的分享链接部分提取了出来,却不知道该放在哪里。经过一番股沟搜查,发现主题目录下的single.php是关键,于是在tag之后添加了如下代码: ————————–Lang Sep————————- The code below adds the ability of bookmarking the current post to popular Social Network Sites(SNS) to the blog. You can put it in to the single.php file in the directory of your theme. The code was originated in a plugin called ”Simple Social Network Bookmark”. However,
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funpic.de是如何靠免费主机赚钱的| How earn money by free hosting

目前这个WordPress就是架设在funpic.de的免费空间上的,总的来说这个和网站挺厚道,5G容量,无限流量,无限FTP帐号,无限MySQL数据库,无限绑定域名(上述无限乃是本人据实情猜测。) 就是界面是德文这点不太舒服,不过也可以用股沟翻译轻松解决。这两天一直在折腾,目前总算是把这个网站弄得初具雏形了,期间也遇到了一些问题,例如之前的ajax错误,一直没找到原因,结果今天发现应该是和网站的赚钱途径有关系。每一个被打开的页面都被嵌入了一段代码: This website is currently hosted in a free host in To be frank, this is a good host because it offers 5GB space and unlimited bandwidth, FTP account, MySQL database and domain name(Expected through test.) The site is in German but that dosn’t really matter after using Google translate. However, I have
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让你的WP自动显示问候语的插件| Automatically show greetings plugin: WP Greet box

这个插件颇有些趣味,能够使得你的WP更具人性,它的作用是自动检测访客来处并显示相关信息,例如访客是从facebook搜到这个页面的,那么相应的问候语就会与facebook有关并且建议对方分享此文。作为一种友好的提高随机访客和固定访客量的手段是再好不过了。 ——————————Lang Separation—————————— This plugin show specific greetings automatically to visitors from other site. For example, if the visitor came from Google searching engine, the greeting would be like “Welcome Googler! If you find this post useful, you might want to subscribe…”. It makes the site more personalized and friendly. You may also win some
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尝试用Live Writer写博|Trying to post using Live Writer

这玩意儿满奇妙的,能够即时预览发布以后的效果。只是可视化的编辑器颇有点奇怪,貌似是读取了我的主题,标题能够看清楚,但是文字部分却没有正确的背景。真是奇也怪哉,嘛,好歹能用也不错了,省得次次登录博客去更新。 ———————-语言分割/ Language Separation—————— This application is really interesting, it enables me to preview my post using the theme I uses. The title part is good-looking but the contents have no background colour. However, it is much more convenient for me to post using live writer rather than logging in to my site each time.

当作闹铃的音乐平时听起来会变慢?|Music used as alarm tone sounds slower than what it sounds when awaken?

However, the truth is: the music that I used as alarm tone sounds like they are slowed down when I listen to it in occasions other than waking up.

Many things to work on…

As I’ve only started using WordPress for few days, it seems that there are many things to work on. I’ve came across many blogs to learn about posting and arranging the layout and found that most of them are displaying excerpts rather than the original article on their homepage. This is surely a good idea
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Holographic Hatsune Miku (Video Post)

The purpose of this post is to test adding video to the post. However, you can also enjoy it. Hatsune Miku is a software generated 3D cartoon character who is known throughout the world. The reason for her advent is because of VOCALOID, a singing synthesizer application. The company who made this application is called
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Another problem found and fixed

When I was trying to install some plugins, I got an error massage like this: Installing Plugin: Downloading install package from ******.zip Unpacking the package. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in ***/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php on line 4128 It seems that the wordpress that I used can not cope with the zip file. So I tried to
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