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这学期要忙起来了| Getting busy this semester

于是学期开始一周后就要交两份报告,同时另外两门的作业也布置下来了,加上硕士申请以及Project的研究……基本是杯具了。 接下来这段时间可能会延续这一个月来的风格,博文更新什么的速度会很慢。 顺带感慨一下,英国这边的某些家伙素质还真不高。一到晚上就泡进酒吧,出来的时候就已经是傻冒了,经过楼下喜欢大声放歌,随地小便以及踹垃圾桶。在这群人的帮助下,俺们楼下4个垃圾桶的位置几乎是每日变换一个花样,令人叹为观止。 —————————–Lang Sep———————————— The busy semester has started and we are having two reports to hand in in the second week with another two assignment to do in the following weeks. I would also need to work on my project as well as my postgraduate application. Because of all the aforementioned tasks, this
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