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Day 2 in New York

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Just like every sleep I spent in new places, I woke up early this morning. After a little chat with my love, I started the journey for my 2nd day in the NYC.

Most likely because it was early in the morning, there weren’t many people around so I was able to have my breakfast purchased at 7/11 and hopping into the train heading to Uptown without much trouble. The subway arrived at Battery Park in about 20 minutes and the Statue of Liberty could be seen from the shore, although being tiny due to the distance. Then I got my tickets from thr pre-paid window and checked-in at the ferry. The temperatures was still freezing, and with the presence of the strong sea wind, I stayed most of the time in the cabin. During the sailing, Miss Liberty gets magnified gradually as the cruise approaches and the details of her face, hair, robe and the torch becomes clearer and clearer. Not to mention that the view of the New York City skyline from the cruise was also very enjoyable.

After grabbing an Audio tour, I headed straight to the pedestal entrance that lead to the museum inside the pedestal that displays story and history of the statue. One little story to mention before the musueum: before entering the pedestal, I went to the locker room to have my backpack saved. They were using some hi-tech fingerprint protected lockers that costs $2 to store for 2 hours. So I had the money paid and my fingerprint scanned before seeing an instruction saying ‘Put your belongings into the locker and press the lock button to lock.’. I then opened the door and had a look at the locker to see if it has enough space for my bag. Just as I was sorting out things in my bag, the door closed and locked on its own! Then I saw the notice that says ‘You can only open the locker once to take your things out’. ‘Okay. Now this auto-lock feature is truely surprising.’ I thought. So I was about to get another locker when I found that I didn’t have enough 1 dollar notes. With the hope of solving the problem, I asked a lady who seemed to be a shopkeeper in the souvenir store beside the locker area. Amazingly, after knowing my locker number, she walked directly to the machine and opened the door immediately using some administrative tools. I was therefore able to avoid wasting my money on purchasing another locker! ‘Thank you and Happy New Year!’ I said joyfully. This experience, in a way, demonstrates that one should not be afraid to seek for help from others when in trouble, a simple solution might be waiting for you in someone else’s hands.

To be continued…

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