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Day 1 in New York

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Follwing my mom’s suggestion, I decided to spend the end of 2013 and the begining of 2014 in the beautiful New York city. The only thing I initially decided to do was to join the 2014 New Year countdown so I booked the flight and a hotel online (single bed in 4 bed shared room, much cheaper than other ones) near Times Square. After some hours of online searching, some other sites are added to the list of places I would like to visit, including The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial, Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and American Museum of Natrural History.

I was already excited the night before the flight but managed to take a nap during the transfer flight. Right before the aircraft landed, I got my first impression of the Manhattan area: the amazing skyscrapers in the CBD and the distinct rectanglular-shaped Central Park. From a distance, the Manhattan Island looks like an extremely detailed miniature artwork that you can place on your palm. Then I was greeted by a sign on the meadow in the airport saying “WELCOME TO ♥ NEW YORK”.

The public transportation of New York City was fascinating. I was able to get on a Q70 bus just outside the airport and reach the Broadway St. Station where I then take the subway to Times Square – 42 St, all with just $2.50. The Midtown area, where the Times Square lies, reminds me of streets in London, Manchester and streets in the UK: grocery stores, restaurants, shops and things like that, all available within walking distance. I was able to check-in at the hotel at 4 PM and head to Times Square at about 5 PM. I was going later until a kind roommate reminded me that the NYPD have already blocked several streets and it won’t be possible to get a glimpse of the crystal ball if I’m not setting off ASAP.

I finished my dinner, a footlong Chiptole Chicken & Cheese, in Subway and grabbed 2 bottles of Spring water from 7/11 before joining the crowd that goes around the blocked Times Square region trying to get in. It was about 7 PM that I finally discovered the correct way to approach the ball, but there were already countless number of people ahead of me so I had to join the queue and move about 100m every half an hour. However, the ball’s in sight, so I got that going for me, which was nice. The rest of the night was filled with memories of freezing winds and squeezing crowd. My honey (loveya~ O3O) has been my strength to help me get through all the waiting and after seeing numerous couples/lovers around, I sincerely wished that she could be there with me to spend the night. The next time I come for the new year countdown, I’m definitely bringing her with me to enjoy the wonderful evening.

With the ball dropping and the crowd greeting each other “Happy New Year~” at 00:00 on 01/01/2014, my first day in the New York City has ended. Although being physically exhausted, I was happy that I made it to the last and shared my experiences with my love. It was a great day.

Happy New Year~!

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